Alexa Chalnick is a professional singer, songwriter, actress, and TikTok star. Her songwriting content on TikTok has earned her over a million followers, and by the end of this class students will have constructed their own song as well as have the tools necessary to go off and write their own songs! The class asks for audience participation in working through the songwriting process from the inspiration that begins a piece to the perspiration that finishes it. Topics covered include inspiration, rhyme scheme, rhyme structure, chords, finding a melody, and putting it all together. ($60/hr but more than happy to negotiate)
Alexa Chalnick is a professional singer, songwriter, actress, and TikTok star having over one million followers on the app. Her TikTok class is half lecture, half Q&A. Students will get a behind the scenes look at how Alexa's journey began, developed, her tips and tricks to creating content, her obstacles, and an overall look at creating content on social media in a safe and beneficial manner. Students will then have time to ask Alexa any questions they may have for her. ($60/hr but more than happy to negotiate)
Alexa Chalnick is a professional singer, songwriter, actress and TikTok star with over one million TikTok followers. Her love of performing goes hand in hand with her love of empowering young performers to step into their full potential and have FUN onstage! Chalnick's knowledge of vocal pedagogy continues to grow at Ithaca College where she studies music and theatre, and past education includes Juilliard's PreCollege Saturday school for Voice, and Westminster Choir College's summer program. Chalnick's musical theatre education includes Rutgers Mason Gross High School Musical Theatre Academy, The Papermill Playhouse Summer Conservatory, and Howell’s Fine Performing Arts Center. In her masterclass, students will get the opportunity to perform the repertoire of their choice and gain feedback on their performance. Alexa is able to see four students an hour. To view Alexa in action, go to her YouTube page and watch any of her past "Sing for Alexa Saturdays." ($60/hr but more than happy to negotiate)

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